February 20, 2010

[ fatherly sadism ]

Everyday I feel your hoof upon my chest!
In every way I strive to do my best
to end this torment, but surely I jest,

for what has no beginning has no end.
A frightened child is not able to defend
himself against the raging sadism
of his fatherly tormentor.

Denigration and disintegrating terrorism
is behind the walls of every home
that stinks of Budweiser and screaming.

There is nowhere to escape to
where I wouldn't hear your blackened tongue
hollowing out my frightened soul.
That fear is no longer mine.
You took it from me and found somewhere to hide.
You never returned to make good
on your promises that you would kill me.

You fucking coward, are you afraid
because you've some idea what I've become?
Perhaps you're scared shitless by your own shadow.
I've no fear of meeting death
and I will drag you down to Hel.
Unrealized existence fills my breath
and the Underworld is where I dwell.

Your head should be on a stick,
you sociopathic drunken prick,
and I'd prefer you try and kill me.
I'd have legal reason enough
to fulfill my vengeful fantasy.
Let's see if you are quite so tough

when you aren't beating children!

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