June 13, 2010

[ rabbit's foot and pig's feet ]

I grind the bones of giants
to make my Lord's bread.
I strike the hammer down
against the Etin's head.

I scream, so near death,
to lift up bloody runes!
The steaming battle fields
lure crows to feed on flesh,

infected wounds,
blood, brains. The rage is
as ink stains on pages.
I'll crush your enemies.
Brush aside naivety!

I'd die for honor not for you.
I'll slay your men who don't stay true.
I'll defend when you are weak
to prove my dark spirit's worth.
I am pure pain and never meek.
This burning fucking wretched Earth
has heard my battle cry since birth!

My frightened foes, they reek
of inevitable defeat!
Rabbit's foot and pig's feet,
crosses protect no one from me.
Children of Jötunheim will flee!

I feed on pain and I smell lies.
Can't I be freed from life at least?
The gods will not let me die
for I have long been deceased!