January 12, 2010

Time turns wounds into scars...

They say that "Time heals all wounds." I don't have any idea who 'they" are, but they're idiots. Time is merely an illusion created by our universe spiraling out toward infinity. Wounds are never fully healed. The mind-body remembers all trauma as scar tissue. I can remember everything like it was yesterday. We are still within the singularity, unable to escape reality. Is it a wonder so many of us succumb to psychosis? Every Buddhist who's ever said we could escape the cycle of death and rebirth was trapped within a mortal coil. No one has ever reached out to us from Nirvana, aside from Kurt Cobain. Perhaps he's free now.

January 05, 2010

[ daughter of a priestess ]

Your eyes were dilated and dissected my soul.
My chronic catastrophic antiapocalypse
transfixed on your tongue like the setting Sun...
I'd fly through the flames disguised as a lightning bug
and burn off my undeserved wings
if that room contained your unattainable love.

Through this burning agony smoke rises above
carrying my thoughts into the air.
You've left me with remnants and despair.
Without a lock of your hair
no magic can save me,
no spells can make you see.
I'd given up waiting,
yet I'm still waiting for you now.

My sanity was lost to me
and the exit was a painted sign on a brick wall.
My other hope was feeling too hopeless.
My heart still imagines you in a wedding dress.
Your fickle disinterest clouds my fevered mind,
causing this supposed reality to unwind.
I've been bleeding, needing, but I transgress...
my heart still belongs to the daughter of a priestess.

You were born to stick pins into my aorta.

I remember your hips and your lips
as stenographer's transcripts
encoded into my translucent brain,
loaded with explosives,
implosive pain.
You've categorized and standardized
the impulsive nature of my obsession.
Longing for you was not my transgression.
Telling you was my fatal mistake,
or so it would seem...

I'd rather not believe I've lost you because of the truth.
I'd prefer to not think you desired only lies.
I'd never leave your heart out for the flies,

as you have left mine,
rotting alone until the next life
where I shall confess my love yet again.
You don't perceive my intelligible strife.
I would kill or die to make you my wife,
but such decisions are not mine to make.
From my chest please remove this stake!

Jesus was dead until resurrected by the Magdalena.
Isis was the savior of the Sun.

I'm your mortal vampire
purified by this holy fire.

Forgive me for this compulsive sin!
At least that's somewhere to begin.
I'm guilty of good deeds as well.
Find me here, in the dark, where I dwell!