December 10, 2009

[ lost analogs ]

He can't see her love clearly through this haze of self-loathing.
His brain starts to feel like it's decomposing
as it decrypts her lips digitized and overanalyzed.
Surreal sounds of misconstrued analogies
puzzle minds all too traumatized
to see through eyes disguised as hidden analogs.

Fog rises from the bogs as souls dissipate as mere apparitions,
cast aside by the wind like superstitions
and nonsensical lighter than air apparatuses.

What can tear apart the strongest oak?

July 31, 2009

The Fenris Wolf Shall Devour

Justin Marik is my (Latin/Czech) name given at birth, meaning "Justice within the Warlike"; my (Swedish) middle name as reincarnation of my grandfather is Carl, meaning "Freeman"! Ironically, considering I'm a heathen, it was Saint Justin who declared the gods were Devilish illusions.

I am (known by the Norse mononym) Tyrvald, "powerful by Tyr", for chained up within my mind is a beast like (the wolf destined to kill Odin) Fenrisúlfur, my alter ego, a chaotic traumatized inner-child buried undead within my subconscious. Unlike Tyr, Sky God of justice and war, my sacrifice to bind the wolf within has been my sanity! I have yet to lose an arm protecting my tribe as he did binding Fenrir, but I bear psychic wounds and physical scars from wrestling to maintain my lucidity.

Everyone has demons but these are neither supernatural nor do they possess us. Within our brains lie haunting memories which can flashback like nightmares! Are we not at our own mercy if we choose to destroy ourselves? I've been trying to find peace while myself tries to kill us both. I live life feeling that Justin died long ago, that he is little more than a ghost lost in the past... raging to manifest in the future!

My cruel alcoholic (now dry-drunk) father murdered me over a decade ago, yet I live to speak of it. I am today a young priest of Gullveig, who was thrice burnt (by the Aesir) in the first war, yet she lives transformed into Heidh: the witch goddess! Vanadís (this protective spirit of the Vanir) is the Lady, Freyja of the Brísingamen.


July 20, 2009

Unsustainable Arrogance

The Earth has suffered greater chaos in the past thousand years than we have experienced since the previous mass extinction. That rate of extinction has never been higher, humans have never been more abundant and have never eaten more flesh. Can we awake from this self-generated nightmare and arise as the morning Sun?

Our species has perhaps never hated itself the way we do now. In the past year, America has shed her tyrant but not her empire. Worldwide racism and sexual repression have seemed to peek, due to overpopulation and unsustainable ecology. The Internet allows an exchange of ideas but this has not led to any sense of peace. Fevered minds tormented by the dead and their echoed screams fight to end war and genocide but can apparently do little to end this paralyzing sense of helplessness.

We stand defiant if we stand at all, yet we fall as autumn leaves, cut down with bullets like gusts of terrible wind. Will counter-culture survive the disintegration of human society? If so, we shall return to an Eden of organic plenty and the voices of forgotten goddesses will empower us to overthrow the delusional cancer of corporate monotheism. Monetary wealth, the result of greed, must no longer be viewed as reward from "the One God"! True wealth is enough to share!

The cosmic source of matter, energy and equilibrium came before any of the gods... or after the annihilation of their previous forms and the cooling of distant worlds. Truth lies in contradiction, while lies fall from absolutism. When we acknowledge that we know little at all, we shall not fear the process of learning. When we remember how small we have always been, we will not fear the expansion of space and time! Effectively we are at the point where a dark age becomes an enlightenment.

June 21, 2009

Democratic Revolution

This is a crime against humanity and should be fought with prosecution in that regard. I hope someday the people of Iran can try these tyrants! This is like the 60's civil rights movement in America, but happening now with an Internet. Fighting for your rights is a process by which one is ignored, ridiculed and then violently attacked. Iran declared war on Iran's people, which I believe has begun a revolution.

June 20, 2009

Suppresion of Votes, Murder of Protesters

I feel a great burden, carried on the shoulders of human democracy... this need to rise up against those who declare us dirt and weeds. I lost my mind to the Bush Administration's terrorism, frightened to see the first million Iraqis die, horrified to see a second stolen election, rendered helpless by our inability to use art and protest to end George's genocide against Iraq's men, women and children.

Now Persia, a country once lumped into the crudely named "axis of evil", a nation of young modern tweeple, has taken to the streets and the World Wide Web! The democratic revolution will be twittered and Iranians murdered by paramilitary thugs have the sympathy, gratitude and respect of Americans who witness their struggle, their resilience, their sacrifice... on YouTube. A televised resistance is never futile!

Ahmadinejad's re-election is about as believable as the Decider's! I'm reminded of protesters at the National Republican Convention, herded down the streets with tear gas. Never do I forget that we dodged a bullet in regard to McCain... wondering what would have happened if senator Insane managed to steal himself an election. Mousavi's "loss" is like Kerry "losing" to G. W. Bush, without cowardly giving up and tazering kids who ask why.

When the first election was stolen by Pope George and Emperor Dick, my mom (who does not have heart disease) suffered a heart attack. My empathy for Iranian protesters is a pain that runs deep like blood!

June 06, 2009

The Misogynist Murdered Medicine

We must not allow an inquisition against women's health and medicine! To the supposedly "pro-life" an egg with sperm around it is a human being, a clump of growing cells is a human being, a fetus that never developed a brain is a human being... yet a child is nothing but property and an adult is nothing but a consumer.

It must be noted that late-term abortions are the result of medical necessity or grim circumstance.

May 31, 2009

Pagan Birthrights

Ásatrúarfólk are loyal to the Aesir, the Ásynjur, the Vanir! Our Troth arises from blood and earth, an organic revival of ancestral worship and polytheism. Ethnic traditions must be preserved for future generations, to be shared between cultures! All who revere nature and seek the mysteries are said to be true to the gods. By what antidemocratic authority can the government deny our access to traditional knowledge or magic? Hail Freyr! Harvest hemp!

May 25, 2009

MySpace® in the Gutter

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