June 21, 2009

Democratic Revolution

This is a crime against humanity and should be fought with prosecution in that regard. I hope someday the people of Iran can try these tyrants! This is like the 60's civil rights movement in America, but happening now with an Internet. Fighting for your rights is a process by which one is ignored, ridiculed and then violently attacked. Iran declared war on Iran's people, which I believe has begun a revolution.


  1. Above are four important links. Mourn all who rally for democracy and are killed by antidemocratic theocrats!

  2. The people of Iran should revolt against their government. The need to keep up the protesting and not give in.

  3. They should wipe all the lines, remove 'Iran' and 'Iraq' from their vocabulary, and rename it Persia.

    This, of course, should be done after their government pulls their heads out of their asses.